About Us


That persons with special needs have the right and the capacity to develop to their fullest potential both in body and mind, in an atmosphere where

  • The child learns while having fun
  • The child is loved and respected
  • The child feels a sense of worth and achievement

To the advancement and empowerment of individuals with special needs in being the person that they CAN and CHOOSE to be

  • To celebrating the child’s unique strengths while minimizing his weaknesses
  • To optimizing each child’s success through family education and involvement
  • To maintaining the standards of excellence in pediatric therapy through continuing professional education and training

To provide efficient therapy programs to address occupational, physical, speech-language and other learning needs of children and adolescents.

  • To develop therapy techniques and materials that are responsive to the individual needs of our clients.
  • To foster synergistic, interdisciplinary team approach among the therapists and other concerned professionals.
  • To develop competent, assertive, dynamic, caring and happy therapists.
  • To educate families and other caregivers to become active participants in the assessment and therapy process.
  • To educate communities to become aware of the needs and available services for individual with special needs.
  • To establish linkages with local and international organizations for training, education, research and development.